The History of White Star

The history of White Star Missionary Baptist Church will help to inspire the present and future congregations.  Since its beginning, White Star has stood pointing men and women, boys and girls to the Heavenly way.   In the midst of world turmoil in the face of strife and war, and at times when Christian ideals are crumbling this church has ever held high the banner of Christ who said, "Upon this rock I build my church and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it."

White Star Church had its beginning intricately tied to the of another church, the "Colored Methodist Episcopal Church."  The first church held its services in the Methodist church building that was located on the northwest corner of Railway Avenue and Willis Street (the present residence of Mr. & Mrs. S.A. Payton).  White Star Church developed out fo the desires of and efforts of some of the residents of Belzoni to organize a church.  These members met in the Methodist building until they were able to purchase the Methodist lots and build their own church.  According to Mrs. Geneva York and the legal documents at the county courthouse, White Star Church was organized in 1915.

The White Star Church became a separate entity in 1920 under the leadership of its first pastor, the Reverend I. E. Taylor.  During his leadership, White Star Church moved to its present site at 609 Railway Avenue.